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Vincent Gallo, composer, offers 2nd film music compilation
21 June 2002
Echoes of pathos and resonations of nuance paint a tender sonic picture.

40 year old, Buffalo, New York-born director/actor/composer/multi-instrumentalist Vincent Gallo releases his second solo album on Monday for the UK, titled, with classy simplicity, Recordings Of Music For Film. It comes out Tuesday for the US.
    The set compiles tracks from four of Gallo’s movies: 1979’s If You Feel Froggy, Jump (his very first film, a short; the three songs here have not been available before except on the film); 1981’s Downtown ’81; 1984’s The Way It Is; and 1998’s Buffalo 66.
    The agenda here is sparse and often lo-fi, typically comprising just two instrumental voices and a tasty measure of faithfully-reproduced analog tape machine noise. It is low key as well—the pace lolling along dreamily and slowly for most of the 29 tracks.
    The album includes the never-before-available 2 minute, twenty second, multi-tracked guitar piece Brown Daisies, composed for but not included on The Way It Is. Also included are liner notes by Gallo.
    Composed as soundtrack, there is a lot of space here to leave room for the visuals and dialog. The auditory scenes start and end unexpectedly, unlike songs but like events and scenes in your life. The better your imagination, the more you’ll see in this record. In other words this is not for everyone, and certainly not for those who like everything spelled out.
    But if you like dream imagery and if you like to listen sometimes with your eyes closed and to be carried far, far away, Gallo has your ticket. Five bites out of five.

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Recordings Of Music For Film follows last year’s When (also on Warp) and three others by Gallo: a 1982 LP with his band Bohack, and soundtrack albums for The Way It Is and Buffalo ’66.
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